About Webnapkin

Webnapkin is a drawing tool built by Maxwell White. You can share your creations with friends and they can make changes.

  • Share Your Creations and Feedback With @webnapkindotcom on Instagram
  • Check out the Changes and Feature Requests Page

  • How It Works

  • Toggle between and to Draw and move or stretch your selection
  • will delete anything selected, if you confirm that you want to
  • Use and to Undo and Redo
  • will update the page with a new link to your updated drawing that you can share with friends. They're free to change the drawing however they like.
  • These will allow you to zoom in and out, left, right, as well as to move up and down:
  • Add Text will add some text to the center of the Webnapkin. This is ideal for tablets and devices with larger screens.
  • Save as Image will save your piece as a PNG image; on mobile this opens a new page. Long press your drawing to save it.
  • Share to Imgur sends your Webnapkin to Imgur, arguably the most popular photosharing site, making it easier to share what you make anywhere on the web as an image.
  • New will open a new tab with a blank Webnapkin
  • Clear All will restart the app, if you confirm you want to

  • What People are Making with Webnapkin

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